How Do I Purchase Plexus Products?

If you are looking to lose weight and want to buy Plexus Slim online, you are probably wondering which option is the best for you. Plexus makes it possible for each customer to decide what would be the best choice for their lifestyle and needs. There are 3 options to choose from when you are ready to buy Plexus Slim online.

Retail Customer – If you are looking to just try the products one-time retail could be a good option for you. Retail customers pay the highest price but they do not have any automatic shipments and there are no further obligations after your initial order. Retail customers also benefit from Plexus Worldwide’s 60-day money back guarantee.

Preferred Customer – A preferred customer who buys Plexus Slim online gets a great discount on their products. They agree to automatic monthly shipments but after the first 15 days any future shipments can be cancelled by calling the company. There are no penalties or fees to cancel.  Preferred customers will also benefit from an additional 10% discount after their 3rd order and can continue receiving this discount until they cancel. Plexus Worldwide also honors their 60-day money back guarantee for all preferred customers.

Wholesale member or Ambassador – If you want to get the lowest wholesale pricing on Plexus products you can Join Plexus as an Ambassador. A Plexus Ambassador gets their own website to order from that they will also be able to share with others to earn a commission when someone places an order or joins their team. An Ambassador pays $35 to join and this fee is charged annually unless the Ambassador wishes to cancel. Unlike retail and preferred customers, Ambassadors only have a 5-day return on the products they order.


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